Loveland’s Only Nice Difference® Car Repair Warranty

When choosing between car repair centers, one thing always stands out: the warranty. Nothing says more about the quality and confidence that you can expect from a car repair center than how long and how far they’re willing to back their work. At Christian Brothers Automotive Loveland, our Nice difference warranty is one of the biggest reasons why Loveland-area vehicle owners put their trust in our car repair services. Our warranty is flexible in that it is structured with a whichever comes last approach that puts you firmly in the driver’s seat.

What’s in Our Nice Difference Car Repair Warranty

When it comes to term and mileage, few standard warranty policies can match the Nice difference warranty, which comes with most car repairs from Christian Brothers Automotive Loveland. The Nice difference warranty covers your repair for 24 months and 24,000 miles – whichever benefits you the most.

But it’s not just how long and how far this warranty goes that makes it so special. Equally important is how this policy is built to work for you, the customer. While most other warranties operate on a “whichever comes first” policy, at Christian Brothers Automotive Loveland, we’ll honor the warranty on your car repair until both conditions are met.

That means your warranty will stay active past the 24th month — so long as you’re under 24,000 miles. Similarly, your warranty will still be honored past the 24,000th mile — so long as it’s been less than 24 months since your repair.

Loveland’s Car Repair Experts

What makes this kind of car repair warranty possible at Christian Brothers Automotive Loveland? In short, our warranty goes the distance because our technicians give every repair the extra-mile touch. It’s this dedication to above and beyond service — plus years of car repair experience and expertise — that has seen every member of our repair team certified under the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) program.

Our technicians promise exceptional workmanship on every car repair performed at Christian Brothers Automotive Loveland. What’s more, we only install replacement parts that meet or exceed manufacturer standards. With our team on the job, we promise that your vehicle will leave our shop fully road-ready — a promise backed up by the performance tests we run after each repair.

To receive a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate of your vehicle, call the car repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive Loveland. Contact us to schedule your drop-off and discover the Nice difference today!