1 Simple Replacement Can Significantly Impact Your Car’s Lifespan

Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter is a little-known element that can have a drastic affect on your car’s ability to function properly. The cabin filter, which generally sits in front of the HVAC system, slowly accumulates dirt and debris.

When the filter becomes too dirty, it can restrict airflow to the air conditioner and heater, hindering their performance. If you notice ventilation trouble and bring your car into an amateur auto mechanic, you could pay the cost of unnecessary AC system repairs.

Remember: always replace a soiled air filter. Don’t just clean the filter and have it re-installed.

A few signs your car is ready for a cabin filter change:

  • It’s been more than a year since your air filter was last inspected
  • You notice a dirty or musty smell from the air vents
  • You’ve observed heating or cooling inefficiencies
  • You’re experiencing breathing problems, headaches or allergic reactions while driving

Engine Air Intake Filter

While an old cabin air filter can damage the heating and cooling system, a dirty engine air filter can harm the engine’s performance. As your car flies down the highway, it sucks in airborne contaminants and debris. These bits of shrapnel can obstruct the engine filter, restricting airflow to the engine. When this happens, the clogged filter robs power from the engine.

A decrease in clean airflow disrupts the fuel-to-air ratio and puts excessive strain on the engine. This hurts fuel efficiency and can result in decreased acceleration power.

A few signs your car needs an engine air intake filter replacement:

  • It’s been 10,000-30,000 miles since your last filter inspection
  • You frequently drive down dusty rural roads or streets with heavy construction
  • You’ve noticed a loss in engine power
  • You experience hesitation during acceleration

To keep your car in peak condition, we suggest an air filter inspection every 3,000-6,000 miles.

Regular visual checks ensure both the cabin air filter and engine air intake filters are free of debris.

A visual inspection is free of charge, and these assessments keep the filters from hindering vehicle function. And rest assured – we can assure our ASE-certified technicians never recommend a replacement or repair unless it is completely necessary.

If it’s time for air filtration maintenance, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Lake Worth, near Azle, Texas. We’ll schedule an air filter check and make sure you discover the nice difference!