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  • Christian Brothers Automotive


    “What an amazing group of guys, so nice and personable. They went above and beyond what they needed to do and I truly appreciate their service. I highly recommend CB. Thanks a million.”


    Littleton, CO

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  • Christian Brothers Automotive

    Multipoint inspection

    “I was in the final stages of purchasing a 2007 Toyota 4runner and Christian Brothers Automotive ran a series of extensive tests. They found the tires to be in bad shape, and we're unclear as to whether the timing belt had been replaced. The total for all repairs, or maintenance would be over 2k dollars. Well see what the dealership says. Thanks CBA!”


    Littleton, CO

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  • Christian Brothers Automotive

    No beauty shines brighter than that if a good heart!

    “So going through this past year of 2017, I think a lot of us have come to notice that a simple human quality such as kindness has become such an uncommon experience nowadays. And, with the New Year upon us, I feel like we need to really bring more awareness to the good things and the good people. After all, “No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart!” With that being said, I am a single mom who was just leaving Red Rocks church service and happened to have our sleds in the trunk of my car. So of course this was a great Sunday Funday opportunity to go sledding with my daughter in the Littleton area. Just as we were driving around, my car immediately overheated without any warning, and while it was about 20 some degrees out, I smelled something sweet and saw smoke. I was fortunately close enough home to make it without my daughter and I getting in to much harm. This was unfortunately right on Christmas Eve and afternoon time. Trying to get my car to any shop was not even possible or better yet respectful with it being a holiday and family time. I fortunately had some time off work and was able to drive my car up to the Christian Brothers off of Bowles and Simms, and was greeted by Matt and Mitch. Both were patient and understanding with the fact that I came in without an appointment and were left with my car to help find out what was causing my car to overheat so suddenly. The next morning I found out that something was wrong with the coolant system, there was damage to the thermostat, and the brake system was also missing a part that was left off from a prior routine maintenance checkup. So with all of that, right after the holidays, as a single mother, the thought of even being able to fund over $875 worth of repairs and services with already not even having but a negative balance in my bank account with unimaginable. I asked him a few questions about how much it would cost just to top off the fluids, if they offered a payment plan, how long I can drive around like that, anything I can think of to compromise with the fact that I needed my running car to get my daughter and I around until I can some how found a way to afford such a punch to the bank account. When I let him know I would be by tomorrow once I could find someone to drop me off to get my car, it was about ten minutes later I got a call back from Matt letting me know he had called around to other locations to ask for some help. As he went on to tell me was that their company had decided to cover the expenses of all the repairs, parts, and labor still during the week of the holidays. They gave me the most stress free way to leave the shop safely, and put my mind at ease that I’m not risking anything with my daughter in that car, and without having to worry about who I now need to pay back for the sudden and unexpected help. He simply said to me to “consider it a late Christmas gift”, and it was the best reminder for me as I go in to this New Year. I have hopes of making it as positive of a life as I can for my daughter, and by that, I think, bringing awareness to kindness is always a positive reminder that there are good people and good businesses out there. I am forever grateful and indebted to this company, and they forever deserve my business. This is something they didn’t have to even offer and was far more than expected, and will forever be remembered. The least I can do is write a review about this company and hope someone reads this and takes their business there just to show their respects to the kindness these men offer and to bring awareness to more kindness. From the bottom of my heart, I highly recommend the services of Christian Brothers, so as a community, we lets start funding the good things and the good people, and the kindness this company they so selflessly offered. May God Bless this company! Keep Kindness Alive!!! Please join me and bringing business to Christian Brothers.”


    Morrison, CO

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