Brake Repair in Concord, NC

Christian Brothers Automotive in Concord, 28027 will examine your vehicle’s brakes during our Courtesy Inspection every time you visit us. Our ASE-certified mechanics will remove your vehicle’s tires and wheels and assess your brake pads and rotors. Our professionals will then suggest if your car requires brake service and repair.

If your breaks are beginning to squeak when you push on them, your brake pads are most likely damaged and need to be replaced. Don’t ignore your squeaky breaks! If you wait to get the brake pads fixed, the extra abrasion will damage the rotors beyond repair, causing an expensive replacement.

Changing out your automobile’s brake pads is a simple repair and should be part of your routine scheduled maintenance. At Christian Brothers Automotive in Concord, we go above and beyond for you and your vehicle, by making sure to include every single component that is made specifically for the brake pads we put on your car.

Our brake service and repair also includes resurfacing your automobile’s rotors. Rotors are essential to slowing your vehicle down. Without them, your vehicle would not be able to come to a complete stop. Christian Brothers Automotive can resurface your automobile’s rotors back to the manufacturer’s settings.

Brake fluid is also important to your vehicle’s braking system. Ordinary auto repair shops will just add extra brake fluid to the already existing fluid, but Christian Brothers Automotive in Concord uses only clean brake fluid for brake service and repair.

If you need brake service and repair, call us at 704-887-6139, or stop by Christian Brothers Automotive near Cannon Crossing at:

9725 Harris Rd
Concord, NC 28027