The One Replacement That Could Save Your Car Engine

The One Replacement That Could Save Your Car Engine

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Have you ever turned on your car’s AC system and noticed a musty or smoggy smell? Your air filtration system could be to blame.

When your car is stuck idling in traffic, you probably don’t notice the haze of pollution surrounding the vehicle.

If your air filters are in peak condition, you should be fine. However, if your filters are dirty and clogged, hazardous substances could be making their way into your car.

Your air filtration system, including the cabin filter and engine air intake filter, is responsible for keeping pollen, mold spores, insect bits, dirt and debris out of the car and safely away from you and your engine.

To keep your air filtration system operating as it should, we’ve found two convicting reasons to frequently replace your car’s air filters.

1. Debris will tear apart your engine

Flying down the road, your front bumper is taking the brunt of tiny airborne objects. Insect swarms, mud and tree sap all pose a danger to your car, and only the air filter is keeping your engine protected

When the air filter is working properly, it’s accumulating bits of waste and debris.

Over time, this buildup will clog the filter. A blocked filter lets abrasive substances slip into the engine, where the metal is susceptible to excessive wear and tear.

These particles damage the engine and could eventually lead to complete engine failure.

2. Pollution contaminates the fuel-to-air ratio

To properly ignite, your fuel requires a certain amount of clean oxygen. To achieve the right ratio, your air filter sifts through the crud and debris filling the outside air.

However, as the air filter clogs, the flow of pure oxygen is reduced and impurities can fill the fuel mix. This disrupted ratio decreases acceleration power and can negatively impact your fuel economy.

Over time, if left unresolved, the dirty air filter can cause the engine to stop working.

Regular air filter replacements keep your car running strong.

Air filter replacements are quick and easy! Most manufacturers recommend a replacement every 10,000-30,000 miles, so ask our ASE-certified technicians for an air filter check during your next visit.

Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Woodway, Texas to schedule an air filter inspection today. We’ll show you the nice difference!

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