Our Woodway Car Shop Helps You With Extended Warranty Service Every Step Of The Way

Our Woodway Car Shop Helps You With Extended Warranty Service Every Step Of The Way

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Extended warranties can come in various plans with a range of service levels.

Often, extended warranties (or service contracts) are presented as comprehensive cure-alls to your auto repair needs.

Fully understanding your warranty service and getting the best bang for your buck can be a complicated process. No provider can cover all possible repairs and services (despite their claim), so our knowledgeable technicians do what it takes to make sure you get the best service possible.

Our friendly staff will be with you every step of the way.

Step 1 – Determine whether you need an extended warranty

If your car is brought into our Woodway auto repair shop for a pre-purchase inspection, we’ll tell you whether extended warranty service is needed. Our experts consider the vehicle’s repair history and determine whether extended coverage would provide a long-term benefit.

During an inclusive pre-purchase inspection, an ASE-certified master technician will determine the vehicle’s true condition. We won’t make the decisions for you, but we will provide you with the information necessary to make the best decision possible.

Step 2 – Determine what to pay for extended coverage

If you do sign up for extended warranty coverage, our pre-purchase inspection will also help you decide what to pay.

First, we look for any existing or potential issues, and determine whether the previous owner(s) neglected crucial maintenance services. Then, we’ll offer the approximate cost of repairs and estimated time before further maintenance or repair will be needed.

Finally, our trained professionals will make sure the vehicle’s wear is consistent with the miles on the odometer.

With this information, we’ll help you decide which parts and services would benefit you most. We make recommendations regarding the amount to pay for the best coverage in your specific situation.

Step 3 – Help you get the most out of extended warranty coverage

Extended warranty service should provide protection and peace of mind. Unfortunately, it too often brings further headaches and frustration. Our employees want to make the process easier.

Regardless of who your extended warranty plan is through, our knowledgeable staff handles the details for you. When our capable team sees a needed repair or replacement, they make the phone calls and speak to the representatives themselves. We do the legwork and tackle the stress so you don’t have to.

Avoid major issues associated with extended warranty service. To check on your extended warranty coverage, or to schedule a pre-purchase inspection, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Woodway, Texas today. See the nice difference!

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