Four Common Myths about Auto Repair in Woodway, TX

Four Common Myths about Auto Repair in Woodway, TX

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Myth: Recommended maintenance schedules are actually about getting you to spend more money.

Reality:Many people believe that auto repair shops only suggest a specific car maintenance schedule just to get you to come back and spend more money, but this isn’t true. Yes, car manufacturers are making more durable automobiles that last longer with less maintenance, but it is still important to receive preventative maintenance in order to avoid costly repairs in the future. If you do correctly maintain your automobile, you could go over 100,000 miles without needing major auto repair. Christian Brothers Automotive in Woodway would be happy to sit down with you and put together a suggested maintenance schedule in order to keep you and your car safely on the road, and worry free!

Myth: Auto repair shops will often suggest extra work be done on your vehicle just so that you spend more money.

Reality: If an auto repair shop isn’t looking for potential problems with your vehicle, they are actually doing you a great disservice. Professional auto repair shops will examine your vehicle with severe detail in order to find any indications of wear and tear before they lead to costly repairs, or even worse, replacements. You would hate to have your car breakdown on the side of the road and have to pay an expensive towing bill, as well as repair bill, because your original mechanic didn’t investigate your car thoroughly enough. At Christian Brothers Automotive, our ASE-certified technicians always take the time to inspect each vehicle that comes into our shop, during our Courtesy Inspection before every repair.

Myth: A shop can give you an accurate auto repair estimate over the phone without seeing your vehicle.

Reality:There is no way that an auto repair shop can give you a price quote over the phone without looking at your vehicle. Unless they have a chance to inspect the vehicle and test drive the car in person, they cannot properly diagnose the problem or give you an accurate auto repair estimate. Beware of auto repair shops that are willing to give you a quote over the phone, because chances are they will initially give you a low quote just to get you in the door, and then later on will charge you a higher price. If you bring your automobile in to Christian Brothers Automotive in Woodway, we can examine your vehicle and provide you with an accurate auto repair estimate that you can trust.

Myth: All auto repair shops are the same.

Reality:This is false. There are big differences between auto repair shops and even the technicians that work there. Car manufacturers are constantly incorporating new technology into vehicles, so it’s important to have an auto repair shop that is up-to-date with all those changes. Technicians should obtain constant training to keep up with certifications and the shop should have the latest diagnostic equipment available. Not all auto repair shops have the skill, expertise and equipment to work on foreign and domestic cars, which is why it’s important to find one that fits your specific needs. At Christian Brothers Automotive in Woodway, we have the latest diagnostic equipment which allows us to be able to work on any type of vehicle, car or truck, gas or diesel, foreign or domestic. All of our technicians are up-to-date with their ASE-certifications and they are consistently incorporating new and innovative technology into their repairs and services.

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