5 Things Woodway Drivers Might Not Know About Their Car’s Cooling System

5 Things Woodway Drivers Might Not Know About Their Car’s Cooling System

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

With winter approaching, it’s the perfect time of year to schedule cooling system service. In addition to cooling down the engine during the summer months, your cooling system helps the engine stay warm in the winter. The optimal operating temperature is between 200 and 250 degrees. When outside temperatures drop too low, the fluids in the engine are susceptible to freezing. Cooling system maintenance can ensure your engine is protected year-round!

To help you keep up with this essential system, our ASE-certified technicians have put together the 5 things you probably don’t know about your cooling system. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to walk into any Woodway auto repair shop ready to protect your engine.

1. The cooling system acts as a heat exchanger

The cooling system’s main job is to cool the engine. To do this, it uses a fluid called coolant. Coolant is pumped into the radiator from the engine. Then, the thermostat locks in the hot coolant and the radiator fan cools it down. When the coolant reaches the desired temperature, it’s sent back into the engine. As it flows through the engine, it picks up the surplus heat and the cycle begins again.

2. The cooling system does require periodic maintenance

One myth many Woodway drivers believe is that the cooling system is maintenance-free. The cooling system does need complete service every 30,000-60,000 miles. In certain cars, when the coolant breaks down, rust particles build up. These particles can become electrically charged, causing the cooling system to act like a battery and become highly corrosive. The result is major damage to the engine.

3. Coolant is a mixture of water and antifreeze

Coolant is a fluid, which transfers and reduces heat in the engine. As we’ve already said, this liquid flows through the engine, picking up surplus heat and transmitting it through the vehicle. Coolant also contains corrosion inhibitors and water pump lubricants to protect the entire cooling system.

4. Coolant should not be 100% antifreeze

Make sure you avoid adding 100% antifreeze to the cooling system. While some drivers are told this is a good thing, antifreeze without water runs the risk of freezing in the winter. Straight antifreeze (ironically) can freeze. By mixing the antifreeze with water, you can prevent this.

5. You should not add 100% water to the cooling system

Just like the system should not have 100% antifreeze, adding 100% H2O could hurt the engine. Especially in diesel trucks, a certain amount of Diesel Coolant Additive (DCA) is required to safeguard the engine. When your car is brought in for service, only work with an ASE-certified technician who understands which DCA filter should be used. Unlike diesel engines, most gasoline engines do not have coolant filters, so protective additives and preventative maintenance is essential.

Christian Brothers Automotive Woodway takes cooling system service seriously

You can trust your car in our capable hands. When your vehicle is brought into our Woodway auto repair shop, you’re fully educated on preventative maintenance.

Our expert, ASE-certified technicians describe the manufacturer’s suggestions and will even walk you out to the car for a “show and tell”. Our experts use a state-of-the-art BG coolant flush machine and high-quality products.

If it’s time for a cooling system inspection, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Woodway, Texas today. Cooling system service doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

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