5 Facts About Your Cooling System

5 Facts About Your Cooling System

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Even though the cooling system is crucial, most drivers don’t know much about it. That’s why the team at Christian Brothers Automotive Woodmen & Powers is letting you in on our secrets.

Keep these 5 cooling system secrets handy, and you’ll always be in the know

1. The type of antifreeze matters

Don’t resort to using just any old antifreeze in your car. Modern antifreeze products can be quite complex. Your car manufacturer knows your engine best and there’s a reason a certain type of antifreeze is specified. Some manufacturers will even void a warranty if the wrong antifreeze is used.

2. Save your engine by turning on the heater

If you’re driving down the highway and your engine starts overheating, the best response is to turn on the heater full-blast. Excess heat will be taken from the engine and sent into the cabin. This may feel uncomfortable, but you’re more likely to save the engine.

3. Coolant drips are a big deal

Dripping coolant may not seem like a big deal, but this chemical can damage your vehicle. Coolant is a hazardous substance that can corrode your engine and other parts of the vehicle as it leaks out. If the radiator is leaking the coolant, it could blow wide open and spew coolant everywhere. If a hose is leaking, it will blow out.

4. The water pump is essential

The water pump keeps the fluids flowing. Replace the coolant when necessary so the pump stays lubricated and in proper working order. The drive belt is also part of the water pump and needs to be replaced once it’s worn out.

5. Change the fluid annually

Coolant degrades over time and old fluid won’t adequately lubricate the engine. While most vehicles need new fluid every year, newer vehicles can wait 3 to 5 years before a coolant replacement. Ask our ASE-certified technicians what’s recommended for your car.

The professional team at our Colorado Springs auto repair shop is dedicated to providing the absolute best customer service. Our work is honest and our service is friendly! Call Christian Brothers Automotive Woodmen & Powers in Colorado Springs, Colorado today. See the nice difference!

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