Reasons your Air Conditioning is Not Blowing Cold

Reasons your Air Conditioning is Not Blowing Cold

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive Westfield

There are several reasons an A/C system can lose its cool.

It could have a leak from a number of areas like an o ring or a hose, a failed switch or relay could be the culprit, or it could be a clogged expansion valve/faulty compressor. Leaks can be devastating. When an A/C system develops a leak, you have what’s called an “open system.” Finding the source of the leak early on could lead to a less expensive repair. Unfortunately, if a leak has been affecting your cold air for a while, moisture will most likely have entered your A/C system and may have damaged other vital and expensive parts.

So what can cause a leak in your A/C system?

Plain and simple it’s age and moisture. Rubber seals and hoses can also lose their elasticity over time and break down, allowing Freon to escape and moisture to enter your vehicle’s A/C system. Moisture is the kiss of death for your A/C system, mixing with refrigerant and creating a system destroying corrosive acid. If moisture is present, it could damage your accumulator, receiver, or dryer. These devices are responsible for removing moisture from the A/C system and will eventually stop functioning once they are exposed to an open system.

What is involved in checking the A/C system?

If there is U. V. dye in the system a black light will be able to show the leak. If not, the system will have to be evacuated and recharged and the dye put in. Our team of auto repair experts can also use a sniffer machine to smell for the chemical components in the refrigerant as well.

Whatever is the cause of your A/C problems, we’ll find the answer.

Our technicians will start with an A/C diagnostic check to determine exactly what is going on. Afterwards, we will give you a detailed plan to get your A/C system back up and working in no time!

If your A/C system isn’t working call Christian Brothers Automotive Westfield today.

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