Keeping Your Car Clean and Organized (Even With Kids and Pets) | Christian Brothers Automotive, West Wichita

Keeping Your Car Clean and Organized (Even With Kids and Pets) | Christian Brothers Automotive, West Wichita

Many of us rely on our cars to keep the whole family moving between work, school and activities, and with spring fast approaching, it might be time to consider giving your car a good spring-cleaning, too.

With busy lives, dirt, debris and trash can all build up in all your car’s crevices before you know it, which is why now is a great time to get it cleaned and develop some strategies for keeping it that way. Read on for our favorite organizational tips—and if it is time for your spring tune-up, schedule an appointment with our technicians.

Tips for Cleaning Each Part of Your Car’s Interior

Getting rid of cupholder crumbs. Cupholders create the perfect crevice for all sorts of things to hide in addition to being a pain to clean out. We recommend vacuuming and wiping out your cup holders to start, and consider getting liners or inserts designed to fit your car model so you have a removable, easily cleaned surface to protect them.

Keeping all the surfaces clean. Many of us utilize cleansing wipes on a regular basis anyway, but have you ever considered keeping a travel pack in your car? Wipes that are safe for hands but still kill germs are great for cleaning up messes, getting dirt out of crevices and off the dashboard and wiping down hands before any road trip snacks.

Combatting a buildup of clutter. Clutter can quickly accumulate in our cars—we have no idea how, but it happens—and in small spaces, there is really nowhere for it to go. If you have this problem, consider keeping a tote bag, a plastic bin or even a specially designed organizer in your vehicle so any bits and bobs have a dedicated place to go instead of rolling around on the floorboards.

Keeping windows streak-free. Car washes are great for cleaning the outside of the windows, but do not forget that some streaks come from the inside (especially if you have children or a dog that likes to put their noses on the glass). Keep glass cleaning wipes handy so you can keep up with any smudges from the beginning and let all the sunshine in.

If it is time for your spring tune-up, we are here to help! You can schedule a courtesy inspection and service with us right from our website. Get started today to have your car checked out.