How Do I Know if My Car’s Brakes Are in Good Shape? | Christian Brothers Automotive, West Wichita

How Do I Know if My Car’s Brakes Are in Good Shape? | Christian Brothers Automotive, West Wichita

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Taking good care of your car is not only a wise thing to do for its performance, but it is also key for the safety of you, your passengers and the people you encounter on the road—especially when it comes to your car’s brakes.

The brakes of your car are an important element to your driving and (more importantly) your stopping. If you are unsure if your brakes are in good shape or you are wondering what signs to look for that might indicate that they are not, you have come to the right place. Check out all of our top tips below.

Tips for Making Sure Your Car’s Brakes Are Working Well

Listen closely for any sounds as you brake. If your brakes are in perfect condition, they are going to be silent as your car comes to a stop. Things like squealing, squeaking or grinding as you stop, are often the first sign that there is something wrong with your braking system that should immediately be checked out.

Pay attention to how your car feels when you stop. In addition to being silent, your car should also be very still as you come to a stop—meaning no shaking, bumping or pulling to one side or the other. If you feel any odd signals as you apply the brakes in your vehicle, that may mean that your rotors have become warped or worn and should be replaced along with your brake pads.

Keep tabs on your brake pedal. You should be able to get a response from your car’s brake pedal very quickly, so if you have to depress it significantly to slow your car, it may indicate that your brake pads have become extremely thin or that your hydraulic system is suffering. If you have to depress the pedal quite a bit before your brakes engage, we recommend you schedule a service as soon as you possibly can.

If you need a brake service or simply want us to check your system out to make sure it is in good shape, we are here for you. Schedule a service or a courtesy inspection with us today to get started.

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