What You Can Expect From Our Vehicle Courtesy Inspections | Christian Brothers Automotive West Wichita

What You Can Expect From Our Vehicle Courtesy Inspections | Christian Brothers Automotive West Wichita

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Peace of mind is extremely valuable, especially when it comes to something as vital to your daily life as your vehicle. Making sure that everything is operating as it should is not only vital to preventing surprise issues from coming up, but it can also save you extensive amounts of time and money in the long run.

That is why whenever you bring your car to us, we do a full Vehicle Courtesy Inspection to make sure your car is operating in tip-top shape. Regardless of if you are coming in for a routine oil change or a major engine service, you can be certain that we will do a thorough check to flag any issues before they become major problems.

What We Include in a Vehicle Courtesy Inspection

It is important to check vehicles regularly for issues with all major operating systems to ensure there are no lurking issues that might take you by surprise. As part of every inspection, our automotive technicians will visually inspect the following:

  • Your check engine and other alert lights
  • Your manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance recommendations
  • The fluids of your car (transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant, oil, etc.)
  • Drive belts, hoses and your radiator
  • Headlights, taillights and wiper blades
  • Air filters
  • U-Joints, shocks, struts, suspension components, axle shafts and axle boots
  • Steering mechanics, such as steering gears, power steering pumps and hoses
  • Brake and rotor condition

What if an Issue Comes Up During My Inspection?

We value transparency in everything we do, so if an issue does arise during your inspection, we promise to always be forthcoming with you about it. We will provide all of our recommendations and walk you through the details of things that may be causing issues with your car.

We will provide you with a full estimate for the repair, including the cost of labor and parts as well as the turnaround time. That way you can feel empowered to make an informed decision regarding repairs to your vehicle, and if you do choose to have the repairs done with us, you can trust that they will be done correctly.

If you need to schedule a service or inspection, do not hesitate to reach out to us! You can schedule a visit online or give us a call to get in touch.

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