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  • Your Car’s Maintenance Log Can Ensure Longevity

    Your Car’s Maintenance Log Can Ensure Longevity
    Interested in Keeping Your Car For a Long Time? Keep a Maintenance Log! Think back to the days when you were first sixteen-years-old. You held that shiny new driver's license in your hand, eagerly ...
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  • Brake Pads And Rotors

    Brake Pads And Rotors
    A fairly common question customers ask when they have their brakes serviced, and discover they need new brake pads, is whether or not they need new rotors as well. They often do this with a grimace; ...
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  • Bad Driving Habits Will Ruin your Ride

    Automobile problems can pop up anytime, but how you care for your automobile can make a big difference in how fast the transmission, clutch or brakes wear out. Bad driving habits themselves can ruin ...
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