Your Car’s Maintenance Log Can Ensure Longevity

Your Car’s Maintenance Log Can Ensure Longevity

| By: Scooter Owens, Christian Brothers Automotive West Road

Interested in Keeping Your Car For a Long Time? Keep a Maintenance Log!

Think back to the days when you were first sixteen-years-old. You held that shiny new driver's license in your hand, eagerly anticipating the moment when your mom and dad would finally release you to hit the open road, the world at your feet.

Remember the lectures they gave you? Wear your seatbelt, go five miles under the speed limit, and make a full three-second stop at the stop sign. At this point you were chomping at the bit, "Yes, dad, I promise." That is when he put his hand on your shoulder and said, "Let's talk about proper car maintenance." You force a smile while your mind drifts off to the smooth, black pavement outside just waiting for you to take your first solo spin, its golden lines glistening like little rays of sunshine. You thought this lecture would never end. As your parents' words of wisdom faded into background noise within your wandering imagination, there may have been an important thing or two you missed. Don't panic, here are some cliff notes.

Change oil regularly...check. Monitor your tire it. Learn to change a tire...done. But come on; do I really have to keep a written record of everything I do? Is that necessary? I can remember what I need to do. The truth is that there is a lot more value in keeping a maintenance log than just serving as an automotive to-do list. Keeping good, accurate records can help in a myriad of different ways. Below are several examples:

  • Good records validate your claims about your vehicle's condition making resale smoother and faster.
  • Showing that all maintenance has been done in a timely manner can increase the value of your vehicle.
  • Maintenance records prove that you have met all the terms of your warranty should you need to use it, avoiding costly repairs that may otherwise have been covered. This also applies to aftermarket warranties.
  • Records can prevent doing unnecessary maintenance or repeating maintenance that has already been done.
  • Maintenance logs can serve to keep you organized so that you always remember when to schedule service.
  • Your records can help you keep track of your automotive expenses. This is helpful for those who use their vehicle for business purposes.
  • Your log lets the next owner know where the vehicle is in its maintenance cycle so he or she can continue its proper care.

As responsible owners, we know the importance of taking exemplary care of our vehicles. Reliable transportation keeps us safe, dependable, and free to enjoy that open road. Keeping a good record of that care serves to enhance those benefits by ensuring we get the most value from beginning to end.

To help maintain your personal records for your vehicle, our Christian Brothers Automotive West Road location provides comprehensive digital inspections of your vehicle, along with photos, to document its state over a lifetime. Schedule an appointment today and receive a free courtesy inspection with digital documentation to begin building your maintenance log.

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