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  • Boris & Jill Gunjevic

    Boris & Jill Gunjevic

    Owner & Operator

    Boris and Jill Gunjevic own and operate Christian Brothers Automotive (CBA) in West Chicago, providing quality automotive repair services with honesty and integrity. An early childhood passion drew Boris towards the automobile business starting in high school at local car dealerships. He earned a degree in Automotive Technology from Southern Illinois University and spent nearly two decades working as a corporate field manager in the automotive business. Jill brings a diverse background to her ownership role. She is a graduate of Bradley University with degrees in Psychology and Forensic Science. Yes, her early career involved working with DNA evidence for the Illinois State Police, but their role in the local community sparked Jill’s love of non-profit service where she later worked before transitioning to full-time mommy of two. Jill shines in her ability to build meaningful connections with those around her. After enduring multiple cross country moves for his career, Boris discovered this exciting opportunity to open the first CBA location in Illinois where he and Jill could establish permanent roots in their hometown Chicago-metro area. They are inspired by CBA’s faith-based approach to ethical car-care and genuine interest in helping people, but not just with automotive needs. Boris and Jill will utilize their shop resources and business relationships to serve fellow community members though local charitable organizations. Please stop in to meet the Gunjevics and discover the “nice difference” at Christian Brothers Automotive!

Craig K.


Craig has been in the auto business since 1974 and is a graduate of Southern Illinois University’s automotive technology program. A majority of his career was spent specializing in General Motors dealerships where he earned the distinction of GM Master Technician. Craig currently holds an ASE Master and L1 Advanced certification status. He is a proud father of two adult children and has one grandchild. He was very active in the local racing community and enjoys watching drag races on TV. His first car was a 1965 Pontiac Tempest and his “worst” car was a 1969 Chevy Nova.

Ralph A.


Ralph has been in the automobile and motorcycle repair business for 25 years. He entered the industry as an owner of both an auto detailing and transportation business with his brother in the Chicago area. Whether it has four wheels or only two, Ralph can repair it! When not spending time with his two younger boys, Ralph works on and drag races his 600+ HP motorcycle. Ralph has worked on high end luxury and exotic vehicles and enjoys tuning one of his many German automobiles. His favorite food is BBQ and weaknesses are Coke and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Adam C.

undefinedOur service consultant, Adam, attended Southern Illinois University’s automotive program and spent over 30 years as a technician and manager. For the past 13 years he has operated his own auto repair business. He successfully grew his business through excellent customer service and word-of-mouth recommendations. Adam’s first car was a ‘75 Ford Grenada V8 and his favorite car is his ‘67 Mustang Convertible which he is slowly restoring. Beyond automobiles, he is an avid photographer and woodworker. Not only can he build a box, he can think outside of it too!!

Dennis H.

undefinedDennis has been servicing vehicles since 1981 and worked for the same family-run business for 36 years!! When not at work he spends time with his wife and two younger children. Dennis has taken up partial residency in Wisconsin where he spends weekends with his family...riding jet skis and dirt bikes during the Summer and snowmobiles during the Winter. While his wife is an accomplished baker, Dennis is master of the BBQ!! Fun facts about Dennis: he has owned three Golden Retrievers and his first car was a 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass with a “Rocket 350”!

Marty M.

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Valdemar A.

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Winnie G.

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