Why Your Car’s Engine Hoses and Belts Need to be Checked Before Summer

Why Your Car’s Engine Hoses and Belts Need to be Checked Before Summer

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Hoses and belts are a vital element of your car’s performance. Though they don’t seem like much, your hoses and belts bear the burden of most engine functions. Belts kick-start the alternator and help operate the water pump. Meanwhile, the hoses carry gas, air, brake fluid and anti-freeze. Your engine depends on these essential parts to do its job.

How to check the car belts

Newer vehicles use serpentine belts, which drive most engine parts. When checking serpentine belts, look for cracks, fraying and exposed threads. Older vehicles use V-belts, so you’ll want to turn the belt over and look for glazing, cracking or excessive wear.

How to check the engine hoses

Pinch radiator hoses to check for rigidity. A good radiator hose is flexible and won’t stick together when pinched. Check for swelling at the connection to the engine or radiator. Hoses that carry power steering fluid and brake fluid shouldn’t be swollen, so replace immediately if they are.

If you’re uncomfortable checking your car’s belts and hoses, the experienced ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive in Springfield will help. Since 1982, Christian Brothers Automotive has served great customers with exceptional auto repair service. To have your hoses and belts checked, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Springfield today.


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