Top 5 Causes of Power Steering Damage in Springfield

Top 5 Causes of Power Steering Damage in Springfield

At Christian Brothers Automotive Springfield, MO brings extensive experience to the table in regards to power steering systems. In fact, the local Springfield, MO technicians are defining the top 5 causes of power steering problems and how they can make it easier for you to prevent and solve them.


Fluid contamination can wreak havoc on the whole system because power steering fluid is an essential part of the system. The fluid may become contaminated because of pump failure from hosing deteriorating or outside moisture entering the fluid. These types of issues ultimately cause material contamination in the fluid and lead to the plugging of small openings, an increase in friction, or even interference in the hydraulic characteristics of the fluid. When fluid contamination occurs, complete failure of the power steering system may be at risk.

Low fluid

On top of contamination, low power steering fluid levels reduce the amount of hydraulic fluid pressure that the pump can make. Furthermore, fluid is also utilized as a lubricant and a coolant. When the components are lubricated or cooled incorrectly, this may also cause accelerated deterioration in the power steering system. If you do not replace the fluid at the right time the steering wheel becomes more difficult to control and the pump will eventually fail.

Broken belt

Typically the belt, which is attached to the crankshaft of the engine, provides the energy to the power steering pump. Once a belt starts wearing out, it may slip which reduces the pressure created by the pump. It will become obvious the instant the belt slips or snaps. You’ll notice immediately as your steering ability will be drastically reduced. This is the belts failure to power the pump.

Fluid leaks

Power steering systems won’t function without fluid. Compromised hoses and old, deteriorating seals are frequent causes of power steering leaks. An insufficient volume of fluid can lead the pump wearing out very quickly or even overheating. If this happens the pump is basically useless and must switched.

A Worn Out Pump

Any of these issues could also lead to the pump being worn out. After a pump has been worn out, the car can be problematic while driving. In addition, as old pumps start to fatigue, you’ll find even more problems if you try to drive your car or truck. Once your pump starts to get older, you’ll start to hear pump noise and the amount of steering effort you need to drive increases. It’s always better to get the pump fixed sooner rather than later.

Local Power Steering Experts in Springfield, MO

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