How To Improve Communication At Your Springfield Auto Repair Shop With 5 Easy Automotive Terms

You shouldn’t have to pay the price for a mechanic using heavy jargon or overwhelming automotive terminology. To help, we wanted to break things down and make your trip to any Springfield auto repair shop more convenient.

That’s why the veteran staff at Christian Brothers Automotive Springfield put together a list of the 5 most important car terms for any driver to know.

1. Dipstick

Our professionals pull out your engine’s dipstick to check the quality and level of motor oil. During this visual inspection, your technician determines whether it’s time for an oil change.

2. Spark Plug

Your spark plugs are little components with a big job description. The spark plugs ignite a spark in the engine, which provides power to the vehicle. An old spark plug won’t properly ignite, and could lead to engine performance problems.

3. [Battery] Corrosion

Battery corrosion is dangerous because rust and buildup impede the electrical current. When acid leaks from inside the battery’s terminal, corrosion builds up and could result in a dead engine.

4. Brake Pad

When our ASE-certified technicians perform a brake system inspection, they check the thickness of your brake pads. As brake pads wear down over time, they could become too thin to safely stop your car. Regular replacements will keep every drive safe.

5. Timing Belt

The timing belt turns the camshaft in time with the engine’s moving parts. The timing belt is made of reinforced rubber and covered in small ridges along one side. As the camshaft turns, it opens and closes engine valves to let fuel and air in, and let exhaust fumes out.