3 Reasons Your Car Has a Leak in its Transmission

If you notice a dark or bright red fluid leaking from the bottom of your car, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Springfield immediately to schedule a transmission check. Our ASE-certified technicians will perform a thorough diagnostic to determine and repair the source of the leak.

Three common reasons your transmission is leaking:

1. Loose transmission pan

The most common cause of a transmission leak is a loose bolt or drain plug. During a transmission flush, the transmission pan is removed and the transmission fluid drained and replaced. When the flush is over, auto mechanics do not always properly tighten bolts and drain plugs.

This simple mistake can lead to serious complications if not caught early. Protect your car against this issue by scheduling transmission maintenance with a competent auto repair technician and performing routine maintenance checks.

2. Worn seals or gaskets

Over time, regular wear and tear will cause your transmission seals and gaskets to degrade and crack. Fortunately, this repair is quick and easy. A simple replacement will often cost less than $20.

3. Damaged bell housing

Unfortunately, damaged bell housing could result in significant transmission fluid loss. The bell housing is a protective covering over the transmission. When driving on rocky roads, large stones and rocks often fly up and strike the transmission’s bell housing. This causes the transmission to crack and leak fluid.

Your transmission is a vital part of the car’s engine. The transmission changes the engine’s energy into torque so it can operate at both high and low speeds. Because this element is so important, proper maintenance is crucial.

If you notice a transmission fluid leak, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Springfield to schedule a transmission check immediately.