What happens if I continue to drive when my check engine light comes on?

What happens if I continue to drive when my check engine light comes on?
  1. First, you can do more damage to your vehicle if you continue to drive it which in turn could cost you more money to repair it.
  2. Second, you could become stranded or cause your vehicle to go into “Limp mode” which prevents you from being able to drive over a certain speed.
  3. Thirdly, in Harris County or surrounding counties you can not pass a state inspection or get your registration renewed.

The best advice is to have your vehicle checked out by a reputable service facility with qualified automotive technicians as soon as possible. Many people have the misconception that pulling a code or reading a code by some auto parts stores is the same as having an experienced technician take the time to examine your vehicle and determine exactly what the true issue is.

There are many potential reasons why your check engine light has come on. Some are as simple as the gas cap not being on tight enough to a large evaporative leak in a complex system. People also wonder why there is a fee associated with the examination to determine the cause. You could compare it to going to the doctor’s office and paying an office exam fee. You are paying for the professional knowledge, experience, tools and time that it takes for your doctor to examine and determine what is wrong with you. It is the exact same concept in the automotive repair world except on your vehicle. Reputable shops have expensive diagnostic computers to communicate with different makes and model vehicles, experienced technicians with ASE certifications and a large variety of tools and equipment required to work on cars. Your vehicle is an investment that is worth fixing properly. It will definitely save you time and money to find a good shop and have your vehicle fixed right the first time.

At Christian Brothers Automotive in Space Center we have Master Certified ASE technicians. We also have the same diagnostic computer scan tools that the dealers have to accurately communicate with each specific make and model vehicle. We warranty new repairs with our 24 month or 24,000 mile nation wide warranty, which ever benefits you the most. That means that if you haven’t driven 24,000 miles in two years you are still under warranty. We would love the opportunity to earn your business so come and see us Monday - Friday in Space Center for any of your automotive repair needs.