Pre-Purchase Inspection in Schertz, TX

Pre-Purchase Inspection in Schertz, TX

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

It’s good to know where an automobile has come from and what it has been through, but do these reports have anything to say about the automobile’s current or future condition? Some people believe that they are getting a good deal on a car just because it drove well on the lot. But just because a car’s outside and inside appear to be in superb condition, it does not necessarily mean that the crucial parts under the hood are the same quality. Precisely how do the belts look? How much longer do you think the engine mounts will last? These questions need to be answered when you are considering any previously owned vehicle. Christian Brothers Automotive can assist you in answering these questions and more through a pre-purchase inspection.

If you plan on buying a pre-owned vehicle, particularly one without a warranty, have a Christian Brothers Automotive ASE-certified professional examine the car for you. They will take a deep evaluation of the automobile and inform you if they notice any signs of future repairs. Our pre-purchase inspection can put you in a better position to negotiate with the dealer and it can also protect you from making a bad investment.

Christian Brothers Automotive’s pre-purchase inspection is a simple and quick way to ensure that you buy a safe and reliable automobile for you and your family. Call our Schertz location near Randolph Air Force Base to set up a pre-purchase inspection today, or just come visit us at:

205 FM 3009
Schertz, TX 78154

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