Power Steering Service in Schertz, TX 78154

If you require power steering service in Schertz, then Christian Brothers Automotive is the place you need to go! Your steering system needs power steering fluid to work properly. The power steering pump pushes the fluid into the vehicle’s steering system. As an aspect of our Courtesy Inspection process, Christian Brothers Automotive will take a look at your power steering fluid whenever you bring in your car.

Power steering is very important because it aids a motorist in driving his or her vehicle. If you did not have power steering fluid, then your car would be very difficult to turn, resulting in an automobile collision.

Christian Brothers Automotive’s team of ASE-certified specialists are experts at power steering flushes. A power steering flush cleanses and protects the automobile’s whole steering system. When we conduct power steering flushes we only utilize superior power steering fluid in our customer’s automobiles.

If you are having your power steering system cleansed at Christian Brothers Automotive, you can anticipate an ASE-certified professional to dispose of the vehicle’s old fluid, and clean the whole system with detergent and conditioner. The specialist will then put brand-new power steering fluid into the automobile.

If you need power steering service, come to Christian Brothers Automotive near Marion or call us and schedule an appointment today!