Power Steering Fluid Explained by TX Experts

Power Steering Fluid Explained by TX Experts

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

The power steering fluid is essential to a properly functioning power steering system and the secret to making sure you maintain control of your vehicle on the road. Today, our ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive in Schertz, Texas, are going to share what they know with you about the power steering fluid and answer many common questions about switching out the fluid.

What is power steering fluid?

Power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid that’s used to move power throughout the system. Servicing the fluid is actually fairly simple. Just flush the old fluid out and put in new, fresh power steering fluid.

Should I do this service when recommended?

We absolutely advise that drivers replace the power steering fluid when the owner’s manual suggests. Fluid is actually relatively cheap in comparison to the rest of the system components and taking care of it will help the power steering pump and power steering rack stay in good shape.

Why do I need to change the fluid?

Fluid must be changed because it gradually becomes less effective over time. In addition, various things may also contaminate it. If the fluid has chunks of dirt mixed with it, the pump must work harder and, thus, wear out faster. New fluid is far cheaper than a new pump.

What are the common power steering symptoms?

A telltale sign of power steering fluid problems is a steering wheel with lots of resistance. This could mean that the fluid has degenerated or the fluid level is insufficient. Since leaks lead to bigger problems, it’s much better to catch them early. In any case, the issue should be fixed as soon as you’re aware of it. The wheel will only continue to be more difficult to turn until you lose control completely, possibly damaging to the power steering system even further.

If you hear a whining or moaning noise as you spin the wheel, it can mean the pump is about to fail. The last thing you want is for the pump to die while on the road, so make your way to a local Schertz, TX auto repair shop pronto!

Power Steering Maintenance at Christian Brothers Automotive Schertz

The power steering system is extremely important to the normal operation of your car or truck. Without the proper fluid to maintain the system, it’s only a matter of time before larger problems arise. At our local auto repair shop in Texas, we teach customers about these potential issues so they are prepared to make informed decision about repairs. Nearly all of our services are also guaranteed by the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty, meaning you can rest easy once the service or repair is completed.

Call us today at Christian Brothers Automotive Schertz in Schertz, Texas to schedule your power steering maintenance.

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