Feeling Left Out Of The Conversation At Your Auto Repair Shop? Here Are 5 Automotive Terms You Need To Know

Feeling Left Out Of The Conversation At Your Auto Repair Shop? Here Are 5 Automotive Terms You Need To Know

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Automotive terminology and misinformation can make it hard to understand the technicians’ recommendations.

When you’re not sure you understand what the auto mechanic is explaining, you could end up paying for unnecessary services or repairs.

To keep our loyal customers informed and protect their wallets, no matter where their car is serviced, the experienced staff at Christian Brothers Automotive Schertz has made a list of 5 essential car terms you should know.

1. Dipstick

The specialist pulls out your engine’s dipstick to visually inspect the fluid’s level and quality. Based on this information, the technician determines whether you need an oil change.

2. Spark Plug

The spark plug is a vital part of the ignition system. When your key turns, the spark plugs create a tiny explosion to power the engine. When the spark plugs burn out, they cannot properly ignite.

3. [Battery] Corrosion

Battery corrosion is often caused by acid leaking from inside the battery’s terminal. The corrosion builds up, creating resistance and preventing the electrical current from powering the engine.

4. Brake Pad

Our ASE-certified technicians check your brake pads with every brake system inspection. Your brake pads wear out over time, and our professionals ensure they’re the proper thickness to safely stop the car.

5. Timing Belt

The timing belt is made of reinforced rubber and covered in tiny bumps on one side. This belt turns the camshaft in time with the engine’s other moving parts so the camshaft can open and close the engine valves.

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