Brake Service in Schertz, TX

Do your brakes squeal when you press on them? This is normally a sign that your brake pads are worn out and need to be replaced. Don’t disregard this problem because if you ignore it, the extra abrasion will damage your rotors beyond repair, leading to a costly replacement.

Getting new brake pads is routine scheduled maintenance, but Christian Brothers Automotive does more for your vehicle than other auto repair shops around. Our ASE-certified mechanics always include each and every part that is made specifically for the brake pads installed on your automobile.

Resurfacing your vehicle’s rotors is also part of our brake service. Rotors are essential when it comes to slowing down your car. Without them your car wouldn’t be able to stop. Christian Brothers Automotive lubricates and resurfaces your rotors back to the manufacturer’s settings.

Brake fluid is also a pivotal part to your automobile’s ability to stop. Most auto repair shops will just top off your brake fluid, but Christian Brothers Automotive utilizes only clean brake fluid for brake service. This overall aids in restoring your braking system’s performance.

If you are having difficulty with your brakes, or your brakes are squealing, give us a call, or come by your community Christian Brothers Automotive near Live Oak at:

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