Engine Service and Repair in Sandy Springs, GA 30350

Engine Service and Repair in Sandy Springs

Replacing an engine is always a last resort option due to the fact that it is so expensive. Nevertheless, most engines that have had to be replaced could have been saved with simple examination and upkeep. At Christian Brothers Automotive in Sandy Springs, we supply the best in engine services and repairs as to keep your engine functioning appropriately for many years.

You need to get an engine solution if you spot these signals:

Bring your vehicle in to Christian Brothers Automotive for service today if oil is beginning to spill out from your engine. Normally oil leakage suggests dried out and solidified seals, which cause the seals to not function correctly. Disregarding an oil leak can lead to very pricey engine problems.

To stay clear of vehicle issues, bring your car in for a tune-up! Our tune-ups include spark plug replacement, recasting the timing belt, switching out the air and fuel filters, and inspecting all engine elements.

The most common engine problem entails the vehicle’s timing chain or belt. Our ASE-certified repair professionals suggest having your timing belt tested every 60,000 miles.

Our Christian Brothers Automotive team will certainly tell you when your car needs an engine flush and a fuel injection cleaning. A sanitary engine with suitable fluids will certainly aid your automobile in running successfully.

We take satisfaction in being a genuine and sincere auto repair shop. We will never ever try to upsell you on a brand name product that your automobile doesn’t need and we will never execute a repair without asking you first. Call us at 470-554-7041, or visit our auto repair shop near Huntcliff, located at:

8630 Roswell Road
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