The Gas in Your Car: Busting the Myths

The Gas in Your Car: Busting the Myths

| By: Ed Carey, Christian Brothers Automotive Round Rock

Unless you like to be stranded on the side of the road – said no one ever – more than likely you’re pretty good at keeping gas in your tank. But, are you using the right kind of gas for your car?

Do you use premium and wonder if you’re wasting money? Or maybe you consistently choose unleaded to keep your wallet happy, but you worry that you’re not making the “best” choice for your engine.

Like many drivers, you may even choose gas based on phony facts. You shouldn’t have to second-guess yourself every time you’re at the pump. It’s time to set the record straight.

4 Gasoline Myths Busted

MYTH 1: Premium gas is better for your car.

Do you feel judged by premium gas every time you grab for unleaded? Well, you shouldn’t.

It’s true that premium is the better gas in terms of octane levels, but that doesn’t mean it’s better for your car. Higher-octane fuel is designed for high performance vehicles, such as Corvettes or Porsches. Your owner’s manual will tell you if it’s required for your car.

The average car is designed to run at peak performance on unleaded fuel. Using premium in your Toyota Camry won’t hurt your car, but it certainly won’t make it perform better either.

MYTH 2: Off-brand gas will hurt your car.

You’re low on gas and you pull into the nearest station. It’s not your usual name-brand gas.

Don’t stress!

All gas has to meet the same standards. Using off-brand gas won’t hurt your car. Go ahead. Find the cheapest gas, and fill up your tank.

MYTH 3: Premium gas gives you better gas mileage and runs cleaner.

Just like premium gas isn’t better for your car, it also won’t give you better gas mileage or run cleaner. If your manual doesn’t require it, don’t reach for it.

Bottom line: if your engine is designed for 87-octane fuel, don’t waste your money on premium gas that won’t do anything extra for your car.

MYTH 4: You get more bang for your buck when you gas up in the morning.

This may be our favorite myth, but it’s still false. The thinking behind this one is that when gas gets hot, it expands, giving you less gas for your buck as it gets hotter in the day.

Thanks to underground holding tanks, the temperature of gas hardly fluctuates – even in hot Texas summers.

Stop tailoring your gas-buying habits to this old myth. Buy gas when you need it.

Keeping your fuel system clean with regular maintenance is the best choice you can make for fuel efficiency. At Christian Brothers Automotive Round Rock, our experienced professionals are eager to help you keep your car running at peak performance no matter which gas you put in your car.

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