6 Benefits of Independent Car Repair Facilities

6 Benefits of Independent Car Repair Facilities

| By: Edward Carey, Christian Brothers Automotive Round Rock

Between dealerships, independent repair shops, or fixing it yourself, we know you have choices when it comes to servicing your car. If you’ve been around cars long enough, you probably have some stories to share, both good and bad, about your experiences with all three of these options. At Christian Brothers Automotive Round Rock, we want your next car repair experience to have a happy ending. Here are six benefits of choosing an independent car repair facility, like ours, to take care of your vehicle.

6 Benefits of Independent Car Repair Facilities

  1. Lower cost of repairs- While dealerships can have hefty price tags on their maintenance services, independent shops are a great option for routine service even if your car is under warranty. If a warranty issue arises, a dealership can turn down coverage on a car that has been serviced somewhere else. Over time the savings on routine service and repairs can really add up.
  1. Certified mechanics- Just like dealership mechanics, our ASE-certified technicians have been through training and testing to ensure they are highly skilled in taking care of your car.

  1. Nice Difference- When you come in to Christian Brothers Automotive, you’ll notice we like to do things a little differently here. From our clean and comfortable waiting room, courtesy shuttles, to excellent customer service, you’ll be glad you trusted us with your vehicle.

When it comes to warranties, we’ve gone the extra mile with our Nice Difference Warranty of 24,000 miles or 2 years- whichever benefits you most. Our warranty is good on labor and new components installed against defects in manufacturer workmanship and materials.

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  1. Personal attention- At a dealership you rarely get to interact with an actual technician about your car. Instead, you have to rely on a sales person to relay information and updates about your car to you which can lead to miscommunication and overall confusion about what’s best for you and your car. At Christian Brothers Automotive you’ll get personal attention from our friendly technicians who will explain the problem, go over all the options of caring for your car, and let you decide what’s best for you.

“They work hard to take care of my auto needs in a timely manner and also manage to work me into their busy schedule. They are very communicative about anything additionally needed and are always willing to explain the purpose for any needed work or maintenance. Very friendly and dedicated to building life long customers!” -Summer

  1. We aren’t trying to sell you a new car- With a lot full of brand new cars just waiting to be sold, it may be tempting at a dealership to sway you toward purchasing a new car instead of fixing the one you already have. At Christian Brothers Automotive Round Rock, we aren’t under any pressure to upsell you into a new car. We want you to be in the best car for you and your budget and we’ll be here to keep your car in top running shape for as long as you want to drive around in it.

“I’ve always loved going to Christian Brothers. They are very honest and will never try to get you to pay for more than you need to. I’ve found that is very uncommon when it comes to car repair shops. They will take you where ever you need to go and pick you back up when your car is ready.” - Jessica

  1. Locally owned- As a locally owned independent shop, we are not only your car mechanics, we’re also your neighbors. We care about the Round Rock community and want to make sure our neighbors are on the road safely. We are here to answer any questions and help you make the best decisions in caring for you car so you can drive away with confidence that your car is ready to go places.

Simply schedule an appointment online or swing by our shop. We look forward to seeing you!

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