Benefits of Car Maintenance and Three Systems You May Forget to Check

Benefits of Car Maintenance and Three Systems You May Forget to Check

| By: Edward Carey, Christian Brothers Automotive Round Rock

When it comes to routine car maintenance, what picture comes to mind? For many of us, it’s that little cling sticker in the top left corner of our windshield reminding us of our next oil change. But what about everything else that helps keep your car running smoothly? Staying consistent with car maintenance for every part of your car, including oil changes, is essential to getting the best performance and safest ride out of your vehicle, while avoiding costly repairs.

Benefits of Consistent Car Maintenance Includes:

  • Extended lifespan of your car
  • Better fuel economy
  • A safer, more reliable ride
  • Better resale value
  • Avoiding costly car repairs

Recently, we had a customer come in to Christian Brothers Round Rock with a car that only had 22,000 miles on it. You would think a car like this would be running at top performance. However, the oil had never been changed. By skipping out on simple routine oil changes, what should have been a normal synthetic oil change became a more costly service because the engine needed to be flushed. The oil was dirty and black. Our hope is that there is no lasting damage to the engine due to lack of maintenance. Customers that push their vehicles to the limit tend to have higher maintenance and repair costs. Not changing the oil on a regular basis, as well as choosing to decline recommended services based on vehicle mileage and condition of the vehicle will raise the overall cost of maintenance and repair.

Three Commonly Overlooked Maintenance Issues

  1. Air Conditioning - Nothing is worse than sitting on I-35, in the middle of August, only to discover your car’s air conditioning system isn’t working. Having your A/C system checked twice a year can help you ensure your A/C is ready to blast that cool air when the temperature outside is rising. Did you know it’s not good for your A/C system to go a long period of time without use? When the cooler months come, running your A/C for a few minutes every month will help keep the system lubricated. If you notice your A/C seems to be taking a while to cool down, you’ll want to have that checked before the hotter months are here.
  2. Power Steering - Many people feel confident in their ability to pull into a gas station and check their car’s oil levels, but what about your power steering fluid? Power steering is based on a hydraulic system that uses fluid in a pressurized pump. A leak or broken part in the hydraulic system not only affects the ease in which you’re able to turn your car, it also can cause expensive damage to the rack and pinion components. If you’re already a Christian Brothers customer, you can drive those winding hill country roads with confidence knowing we check your power steering fluid levels during our courtesy inspection every time you come in for an oil change.
  3. Braking System - When your car’s brake pads and rotors start to wear out, your stopping distance increases which is a big safety issue. If you’re hearing squealing or feeling vibrating when braking, bring your car in and one of our ASE-certified technicians will look over your entire braking system to locate the problem.

Are you curious how your car would measure up in the maintenance department? Come in to our Round Rock shop for a complimentary courtesy inspection! We’ll visually inspect all the major systems of your car including, brakes, rotors, shocks and struts, power steering, under hood leaks, radiator and hoses, and your air conditioning system to name a few. Our goal is to catch any problem that may arise early so your vehicle requires a minimal amount of repairs. We’ll go over any issues we see, and explain your options so you can make the best decision for you and your vehicle.

At Christian Brothers, we care about you getting to all the places you need to go in a safe and reliable car. If an issue arises or you’re just not sure when you last had something serviced, we’re here to help. You can simply schedule an appointment online or swing by our shop at 413 Louis Henna Boulevard and we’ll make sure your car is taken care of.

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