Car Battery Facts You Need to Know

Car Battery Facts You Need to Know

How the Battery Works

The battery powers almost everything in your vehicle. This includes:

  • The starter
  • The engine
  • Windshield wipers
  • Electrical components

The battery is able to do this by converting chemical energy into electrical energy, and delivering that energy to the starter. Once the battery has the engine up and running, it stabilizes the voltage to keep everything operational.

Battery Lifespan

The average car battery will last 3 to 5 years, but the lifespan can vary based on driving habits and weather conditions. During abnormal weather, such as extreme cold or heat, you may experience minor issues and require a jump from a fellow Arizona driver. When it does come time for a battery replacement, the experts at your local Christian Brothers Automotive in Queen Creek will recommend the battery that’s best for your vehicle.

Warning Signs of Battery Issues

There are several warning signs that your battery may be on its last leg. These include:

  • Low battery fluid level
  • Swelling/bloating battery case
  • Rotten egg smell

If you’ve noticed any issues related to your vehicle’s battery, call our Queen Creek auto repair shop today. For expert car battery service in Arizona, look no further than Christian Brothers Automotive Queen Creek. We’ll show you the nice difference!