FAQ: Why Doesn’t My Car Start?

FAQ: Why Doesn’t My Car Start?

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Dirt will clog the filters and cause the fuel pump to struggle. If fuel cannot freely flow to the engine, you’ll experience a decrease in engine performance and fuel efficiency. Many Florida drivers have issues with starting their cars. One of the first things you should look at when this problem occurs is the fuel pump.

Is the fuel pump working?

If you hear sputtering sounds, feel a loss of power or your car stalls when you’re driving at a consistent speed, your fuel pump isn’t working properly. This problem is especially common with vehicles that have at least 60,000 miles on them. However, there’s always a chance another engine component is to blame.

In this case, it’s a good idea to verify the fuel pump is the issue. Have someone turn the key to your car just so that the battery comes on. While your friend is doing this, listen near your gas tank with the gas cap off. If the fuel pump is working, you will hear it hum for two or three seconds.

Prevent fuel system damage

The most cost effective way to avoid problems with the fuel pump and other parts of the fuel system is to simply keep it clean. Check your air and fuel filters whenever you have an oil change and completely clean the system every 15,000 miles. This service will keep your car running like you just drove it off the lot for the first time. Dirt and debris that finds it’s way into your car can wreak havoc on the fuel system. By causing it to work harder, it will age the vehicle faster and bigger repairs will be needed. So, keep it simple and have it cleaned!

Fuel System Service in Tampa, Florida

Gas is the power source of your vehicle. Efficient delivery of this power source is key to keeping your car well maintained and efficient. If you have noticed your car is using more gas than usual or your car doesn’t accelerate fast enough on the highway – give us a call at Christian Brothers Automotive New Tampa.

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