Florida Car Cooling Systems 101

Both systems cool things down, but the AC cools you while the cooling system takes care of the engine. The two systems are completely different.

While the AC is a nice luxury feature to cool the inside of your vehicle, especially with our constant humidity here in Tampa, the cooling system is an absolute necessity to keep your engine from overheating.

What does the cooling system do?

It’s pretty common to think the cooling system just cycles coolant through the engine. Well, that coolant is actually an essential component. The chemicals in the coolant protect your engine, radiator, heater core and water pump.

If corrosion was to build up in these parts, the entire system would fail. The coolant will eventually lose its potency and should be replaced every 30,000 miles. At Christian Brothers Automotive New Tampa, we’re serious about maintaining your cooling system.

It’s an essential system that could have dire consequences on the rest of your vehicle if not properly cared for.

The basics of the cooling system’s function:

  1. Different car manufacturers require different coolants. There are so many different chemical mixes that could be used and your make and model requires a specific anti-freeze for a reason.
  2. Coolant is commonly referred to as, “anti-freeze,” because it also prevents freezing.
  3. Overheating is the most common way engines are destroyed, especially in Tampa. Cooling your engine is the coolant’s most important job.

See the Nice Difference in cooling system service

No matter which Tampa auto repair shop you visit, we suggest a cooling system inspection with every oil change. The highly qualified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive New Tampa go beyond just checking the quality and condition of the coolant.

We look at every part of the cooling system that could pose a potential threat. For example, we check the capture tank to make sure it’s still holding pressure. Call to schedule an appointment at Christian Brothers Automotive in New Tampa, Florida today. You’re sure to see the nice difference in quality and service!