An Exhaust System Secret for Florida Drivers

An Exhaust System Secret for Florida Drivers

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

The Exhaust System Indicates Other Problems

We may be a shop full of auto-nerds, but the exhaust system can play a pretty cool role in helping you diagnose problems with your car. All you have to do is look at the smoke, specifically the color of it, coming from the exhaust’s tail pipe. The ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive New Tampa have compiled a couple of charts, depending on if you have a gasoline or diesel engine, to explain what the color of your exhaust might mean.

Gasoline Engines

Exhaust Color



Black or Dark Gray

Smoke may be mixing with the exhaust. This is caused by incomplete fuel combustion.

•   Blocked air filter

•   Malfunctioning carburetor, choke, fuel injection or emission system

•   Wrong ignition timing

•   Clogged manifold

•   Oil leaking into exhaust


The engine oil is being burned.•   Oil leaking into combustion chamber

•   Damaged piston rings, valves or cylinders


The coolant and/or water are being vaporized in the combustion chamber.

•   Engine is too cold

•   Leak in head gasket

•   Damaged cylinder head or block

Diesel Engines

Exhaust Color



Black or Dark Gray

Incomplete fuel combustion is creating smoke.•   Faulty injection system

•   Clogged air filter

•   Wrong fuel grade

•   Ignition timing may need to be adjusted

•   Overheating engine

•   Oil leaking into exhaust system


The engine oil is being burned or atomized.•   High engine oil level

•   Worn valves, cylinders or piston rings


The fuel isn’t burning.•   Cold engine

•   Injection system not working

•   Incorrect timing

•   Overheating engine

The Nice Difference at our New Tampa Auto Shop

The exhaust system is more important than people think, and it can be helpful, too. Many of the problems indicated by exhaust color aren’t expensive to fix. However, if you let any of these problems go unchecked, your wallet won’t enjoy the next visit to your Tampa auto repair shop.

The Christian Brothers Automotive team here in Tampa, Florida is dedicated to providing their valued customers with the best possible service. We never imply anything and you’re always consulted before any work is done. If your exhaust has become a bizarre color, it’s definitely worth a look under the hood to prevent any major damage. Call to schedule your exhaust system service today and come see the nice difference.

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