Is Extended Warranty Service Right For Tampa Drivers?

Is Extended Warranty Service Right For Tampa Drivers?

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

After all, extended warranties are known to be “health insurance for the engine.”

You pay more upfront with the promise that you’ll receive potential benefits in the future.

Why do Tampa drivers need an extended warranty?

Much like health insurance, an extended warranty can help you avoid additional repair costs. With an extended service plan, you are purchasing the coverage that you may one day need.

Benefits of getting an extended warranty include:

  • Saving money in the long run
  • Reducing risks and unexpected vehicle repairs
  • Gaining a piece of mind
  • Receiving timely and professional service

Know what you’re getting yourself into

Because there are multiple levels of protection offered, knowing the right questions to ask and choosing the right provider is essential to getting the best coverage.

In addition, it is crucial to understand what you’re actually getting yourself into. You should know who is going to pay for the repair bill and how much they are willing to spend.

How Christian Brothers Automotive helps the process

While these are all important steps in obtaining the extended warranty that best fits you, Christian Brothers Automotive New Tampa lessens headache.

We don’t make the decision for you, but we do help you through the process of filing a claim against your extended warranty. Our friendly employees go above and beyond to make the necessary phone calls and help you get the most out of an extended warranty policy.

If you’re wondering whether you need an extended warranty for your vehicle, we can help you out there as well.

During a pre-purchase inspection, our experienced staff will take your vehicle’s repair history, record of breakdowns, and current warranty coverage into consideration. Through this inspection and recorded information, we determine whether an extended warranty is best for your specific situation.

Notice the Nice Difference

To check on your extended warranty, call Christian Brothers Automotive New Tampa in Tampa, FL today! We’ll show you the service you deserve!

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