Stay Safe On Every Drive With A Courtesy Inspection From Our Tampa Auto Repair Shop

While most Tampa drivers understand the importance of a scheduled oil change, many have a hard time keeping up with maintenance services. This can lead to unfortunate consequences, like premature wear and tear on your car.

At Christian Brothers Automotive New Tampa, we want to repair minor issues before they become expensive problems. With a free courtesy inspection – offered to every guest with any service – you’ll stay current on maintenance services and minor repairs.

What is a courtesy inspection?

Our comprehensive courtesy inspection brings to light small problems you might have missed. The professional technicians at our Tampa shop even help you discern the “immediate” items from the items requiring future attention. You can trust your car in our experts’ hands.

A main reason for the courtesy inspection is to provide a comprehensive overview of your car’s condition. Once you’re aware of all areas of concern, we respect your right to decide how to proceed.

To produce the overview for each customer, we rely on three bases:

  1. Your report, including any symptoms you’ve noticed while driving
  2. Our ASE-certified technicians’ inspection
  3. The manufacturer’s published maintenance schedule

By combining all three sources of information, we can prioritize the most urgent safety concerns, important repairs and preventative maintenance needs.

Our considerate staff helps each customer prioritize their car’s needs based on future plans for the vehicle and their current budget. The main goal with each courtesy inspection is to educate the customer.

What does the courtesy inspection include?

Our 30-line courtesy inspection covers simple items from headlights, brake lights and wiper blades to heater and air conditioning operations. It also takes the technician to more in-depth concerns, such as tire and brake condition, suspension and steering components, and cooling and power steering systems.

While the inspection is mostly visual, our knowledgeable technicians also test drive the vehicle, listening for noises and irregularities. Our goal is to give as much information as possible so each customer can make an informed decision.

The Nice Difference at our Tampa auto repair shop

You’ll never see unexpected charges or hidden fees on your invoice. With a 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference Warranty, you know we go above and beyond to find the right solution the first time.

Call Christian Brothers Automotive New Tampa in Tampa, Florida to schedule maintenance service today. Receive a free courtesy inspection, and stay safe this season!