Pre-Purchase Inspection in Monument, CO

It's nice to have an understanding of the automobile's full history prior to getting it, but what do these records tell you about the vehicle's current condition? Some people assume that a car is a great deal just because it runs well on the lot or during a short test drive. Just because a car's exterior and interior look to be in excellent condition, it does not indicate that crucial parts under the hood are in the same condition. Exactly how do the belts look? How much longer do you anticipate the engine mounts to last? These are questions that need to be answered when considering any used vehicle. Christian Brothers Automotive can help answer those questions and many more through a pre-purchase inspection.

Prior to purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, especially one without a warranty, have Christian Brothers Automotive's ASE-certified professionals inspect the car for you. She or he will take a deep assessment of the car and notify you of any indications of future repairs. Our method of pre-purchase inspection can put you in a better position to negotiate with the dealer or protect you from making a bad investment.

Christian Brothers Automotive's pre-purchase inspection is a rapid and simple way to ensure that you get a safe and secure automobile for you and your family. Call our Monument location to set up a pre-purchase inspection today. Or visit us at:

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