Does Auto Repair Seem Overwhelming? 4 Ways To Simplify Cooling System Service

The cooling system is an essential part of your car’s operation, so shouldn’t you know how to keep up with maintenance?

Unfortunately, most Colorado car owners are lost when it comes to cooling system maintenance. Auto repair can be overwhelming.

To simplify the process, the ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Monument have listed the 4 parts of your cooling system you need to pay attention to. By properly maintaining your cooling system, you can avoid complete engine failure.

What parts make up the cooling system?

Your cooling system is composed of multiple parts, including:

  • The water pump
  • Anti-freeze (or coolant)
  • Upper radiator hose
  • Radiator
  • Lower radiator hose
  • Several pipes and fans

Keep a close eye on the following 4 parts.

1. Belts

An accessory belt helps run the water pump. As the belt ages, it wears out and eventually won’t operate the pump. By watching this belt closely, our specialists make sure your cooling system is working at full capacity.

2. Hoses and Pipes

The cooling system contains hoses made of a firm, yet flexible rubber. Eventually, the hoses become either too soft or extremely hard. If the hoses are soft, they can easily crumple when water is circulated. If they are hard, they can cause the pipes to crack or burst. It’s crucial to check the hoses and pipes with every oil change.

3. Engine Outlets

The hoses attach at the engine outlets. The outlets are regularly exposed to water, which leads to corrosion. If the corrosion is excessive, the outlet can break off and necessitate costly repairs.

4. Fluid

Our ASE-certified technicians are sure to always check the level and quality of coolant. If the coolant is low, there may be a leak. Leaks are dangerous because they also lead to corrosion in addition to harmful chemicals being released into the environment. Furthermore, low-quality coolant will rust the metal components and could become acidic.

See the Nice Difference in cooling system service

At Christian Brothers Automotive Monument, we look at the cooling system in its entirety. We make sure the whole system is working as efficiently as possible.

If it’s time for a cooling system inspection, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Monument, Colorado today!