Christian Bros. Monument, CO Regular Care

We've all heard about things like oil changes, and it's hard to miss worn-out wipers, but many people don't know about or even understand regular maintenance when their odometers reach milestones such as 60,000, 50,000, or 100,000 miles. This can mean serious problems such as your car wearing out too quickly or even your car being junked. It could also puts you in danger of paying more than you should to dishonest mechanics, resellers and dealerships.

We've jotted down some thoughts to get you started on learning about car maintenance requirements:

• Keep a log: If you keep a list of every service appointment and repair, you will be better off. You can use a book or app to track service appointments, and you can also track stuff like wipers, timing belt replacement, hose replacement and flushes with this simple trick. To go the extra mile, consider adding fueling information and data about oil checks to help track fuel efficiency and spot leaks early.

• Use the manual: Autos should come with a booklet just for their make and model, and these booklets contain the official recommendations for servicing your vehicle. These recommendations can vary substantially, so they end up trusting what potentially dishonest dealers and mechanics say about the maintenance their vehicle needs. We know the correct specs for every vehicle we service at Christian Brothers Automotive in Monument, CO, but you can't rely on all mechanics. If you do, it could thousands of extra dollars.

• Don't forget to wash your auto: Looking nice and shiny is not the same as functionality, but keeping your car free of dirt and grime top to bottom can be considered part of maintenance. If you don't frequent the car wash, the spots will damage your paint.

• Compose a list: Forgetting about vehicle maintenance is a common problem, but an easy way to plan for everything is to make a list of all the maintenance your vehicle will ever need when you buy it. Then, mark it all as your vehicle reaches. If handwritten lists aren't for you, you can find online or mobile apps for the job.