Bad Driving Patterns that Will Ruin your Car in Monument

Bad Driving Patterns that Will Ruin your Car in Monument

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Usually, the best driving for your car's health is also safer for you. Read the tips from our experienced auto repair team below.

Don't Start Slowly

For safety and a higher mph, realize that It's silly accelerate so slowly that you risk the road rage of your fellow drivers. Some new drivers have been taught not to dart off from a stop, and the general principle is a good one. But starting too slowly stops your car from working as intended and can make the transmission and engine work extra hard. Drive at about the same speed as the autos around you.

Don't Drive on Empty

There are three reasons to avoid driving on low fuel levels, and only 1 involves getting stranded. One of the other reasons is that sediment in gas or diesel drops to the bottom of your fuel tank, so when the level is low your fuel pump has to send that grit through the fuel lines. This might cause a clog and will also force your tiny engine mechanisms to work extra hard. Also, fuel in the tank helps cool the fuel pump, making it work better. If you have too little, your fuel pump could overheat and wear out more quickly.

Don't Idle or Rev

If you've read our blog, you know our thoughts on idling. It's also a bad idea to rev your engine, especially if you're doing so with a cold engine. When you do, oil and fluids won't circulate properly and the catalytic convertor won't function properly. Extreme temperature shifts are also a problem.

Don't Shift Improperly

There are many ways in which sloppy shifting behavior can wreck your transmission or clutch. First, don't ever change directions or park while your car is still moving. Also, don't shift into park and head off without putting on the parking brake. If you do, the whole vehicle's weight will rest against the transmission. For stick shifts, be careful to remove your foot from the clutch when you aren't shifting. These little things could save you thousands of dollars.

Don't Push the Speed Limit

Driving as fast as possible on the freeway can be a rush. However, driving too fast can be hard for your engine. Our automobile team at Christian Brothers in Monument advises that most autos do best at 40-60 mph. If you go faster, you will burn more fuel mile by mile and your transmission will wear out. Also, operating at top capacity means extra stress on all the small moving parts of your engine, and that can cause you to need early repairs. Driving safely is a great way to display your pride.

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