Power Steering Services in West Houston, Texas

Steering wheels require power steering fluid to function properly. The power steering pump pressurizes fluid into the car's steering system, and without it, the car becomes hard to guide which might result in a crash. If your steering wheel seems off, bring your car to Christian Brothers Automotive in Houston near West Park Tollway. We always check power steering fluid as part of our Courtesy Inspections!


Our group of ASE-certified technicians specialize in power steering flushes. A power steering flush helps to clean and protect the vehicle's entire guiding system. We use only the best power steering liquid, BG Power Steering Liquid, in our customers' vehicles.

When clearing your power steering system, our technicians first rid the vehicle of its old fluid. After cleaning the system with detergent and conditioner, the technician cleans the system with detergent and conditioner. We then refill your vehicle with brand-new power steering fluids.