Car Talk: COVID-19 Special Edition Car Care Tips

Car Talk: COVID-19 Special Edition Car Care Tips

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Many of us are spending more time at home, and that means we aren’t using our cars nearly as much. You may be wondering what steps to take to ensure your car is ready whenever you need to travel somewhere, whether that’s to go to work, run errands, or get help during an emergency. In this special edition of our Car Talk Series, we asked our automotive expert what you can do at home so you can rely on your vehicle the next time you need it.

Home Car Care Tips Video Transcript

“ Hi there. Like many of you, things have been a little different lately. We’re not driving our cars near as much as we were before. So how do you know how you can rely on your vehicle when you’re ready to go? Hi, I’m Joe Hyde, Director of automotive technology at Christian Brothers Automotive. Let’s talk about cars.”

“Here are my top car care tips you can do yourself at home during COVID-19.”

“The first car care tip is you want to make sure you check your air pressure. Did you know that your vehicle could lose one to three pounds of air a month?”

“Next up on our car care tip list is you want to start that vehicle every two to three days. Remember, it’s used to be driven probably every day. And believe it or not, that battery will go down over time. It also helps lubricate all the moving parts. So start it up. Let it run for a few minutes, and then you can shut it down and it’ll be ready to go when you are.”

“Our next car care tip is washer fluid, and you want to make sure you top off that washer fluid. This will allow you to be able to wash any grime off the windshield that may have built up while it's been sitting.”

“Last up on our car care list is those essential fluids, you want to make sure you give them a check. What do I mean by essential fluids? Well, if you remember from our other video, we went over those four essential fluids. But let’s review them now. You want to make sure you check the oil transmission coolant and brake fluids.”

“And speaking of essential, we’d like to thank the medical workers, first responders, truck drivers, technicians, and all essential personnel for their sacrifice during this time and crisis.”

“Each Christian Brothers Automotive is open and here to serve you.”

“If you do find yourself in need of vehicle service, please contact your local Christian Brothers Automotive for specific details in regards to COVID-19 and its practices.

I’m Joe Hyde and this has been another car talk moment.”

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