Three Common Air Conditioning System Problems

Warm weather is something you can count on as we head into spring! Right now is the best time to check out any problems you’ve been experiencing with your car’s air conditioning system. Today, the ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Woodway in Waco, TX are letting you know about some of the common problems associated with the A/C system.

1. Refrigerant Leaks
Vehicle age and moisture are the two major culprits when it comes to A/C system leaks. Over time, the elasticity in the rubber seals and hoses diminish and start to wear down. This allows refrigerant to escape and moisture to get into the system. Moisture and refrigerant mixing can lead to devastating damage to your air conditioning. With an A/C system inspection, our experienced technicians can help you locate and repair these leaks before it’s too late.

2. Air Compressor Failure
The refrigerant can cool the air because it’s first pressurized by the air compressor. An A/C system without an air compressor could only blow air approximately the same temperature as the outside air. When a compressor fails, it’s normally because of lubricant loss. However, low refrigerant levels, blockage in the system or even engine oil leaks may also be the reason for this issue.

3. Blocked Air Condenser
Once the compressor has pressurized the refrigerant, the condenser can cool it. However, if any debris, dirt or grime blocks the condenser, the air cannot be cooled because of restricted airflow. Clearing the condenser blockage is completed using a special flushing agent that doesn’t allow any moisture in the system. A condenser that’s been problematic in the past should simply be replaced. It’s better to buy a new, smaller component now than face the time and cost of replacing the entire air conditioning system in the future.

We know A/C system problems can be tough and difficult to diagnose. So if you start noticing your air isn’t cooling properly, bring your vehicle to Christian Brothers Automotive Woodway in Waco and let our Texas auto experts take care of the difficult problem. Call our automotive shop in Waco, Texas today for the best A/C service around, and see the nice difference!