Replacing a Broken Headlight

How many people does it take to screw in a headlight? If you know what you are doing, it shouldn’t take more than one. The article below includes everything you need to know to replace an old headlamp, he official name for what most of us refer to as headlights, with a new one.

headlight2How to Find Your Headlamp Bulb

There is a small list of ways of discovering that your headlamp bulb needs replacement. This usually occurs through a failed inspection, a fix-it ticket from a police officer, or decreased visibility during a late-night drive. However you find out, you need to replace your headlamp quickly to ensure safe driving.

The first step is to pinpoint which bulb needs to be replaced. Have someone flip your lights on and off while you watch and take note. Use your vehicle’s owner manual to determine if it is your high beams or low beams (for some vehicles, there is only one bulb).

After this, make note of the exact year, make, model, and engine type of your car. Take these details to an auto parts store or online retailer to find out the type of headlamp bulb you will need. This will be completed through a numeric or alphanumeric identifier. This identifier should be somewhere in your user manual.

Your next choice will be finding the right spot within the continuum of brightness and longevity. Bulbs that last longer won’t burn as bright and brighter bulbs will have a shorter lifespan. Finding a bulb in a middle group between both brightness and longevity is a great option for most people.

Replacing Bulbsheadlight1

After you purchase your bulb, you must know the suitable way to replace it. The exact steps required will vary based on the vehicle, so we aren’t able to include that in this post. A step-by-step process for bulb replacement can be found in your owner manual. We also suggest searching YouTube for instructional videos.

Follow the tips below for a successful replacement:

      • Turn off your headlights and engine.
      • After the light is installed, operate your high and low beams to ensure they work.
      • Do not touch the glass to prevent premature wear and tear.
      • Protect your hands while working in tight spaces by wearing gloves.


      Assistance From Christian Brothers Automotive

      Don’t have the time to find the right bulb or replace it? Bring your car into our shop in Tampa and we will handle it for you. We have a full selection of bulbs and can perform this quick switch so you can drive safely.