A New Year’s Resolution

Too often we look inward at the start of the year. Maybe it’s the cold or just the malaise from the presents, turkey and travel of the Christmas season. No matter the reason, most of us look in the mirror when it comes to a New Year’s resolution. We want to lose a little weight, gain a little money and, maybe somewhere along the way, help out a worthy cause.

One Christian Brothers Automotive franchisee isn’t looking inwardly to start 2013. She’s looking down – specifically looking down to get eye-to-eye with some very courteous canines.

Amy Stehr’s New Year’s Resolution is to help raise funds and awareness for Patriot Paws Service Dogs. Amy (Rockwall, TX) first learned about Patriot Paws six months ago when one of its trainers came to her shop as a customer. Along for the visit was the service dog she was training. The organization matches dogs with injured veterans returning home from combat zones and spends 1 ½ to 2 years training each dog to meet the specific needs of a veteran. Dogs are trained to do everything from getting help in an emergency, pulling a wheelchair and helping with laundry.

Amy says she really fell in love with the organization as soon as she met one of the service dogs. Since the dogs need training in how to behave in social situations, Amy’s customer offered to bring a service dog to the Rockwall Single Mom’s Oil Change day to entertain the kids. Naturally the dog was a hit.

Patriot Paws is based in Rockwall, so Amy’s shop now services the organization’s fleet of vehicles. While she currently offers them a fleet discount and displays its information in her lobby, Amy is looking forward to doing more to promote the organization this year. She plans to hold a Facebook contest to raise awareness and donate money to Patriot Paws. And she’s also considering donating a percentage of sales on a certain day to the organization.

Some people train dogs to help injured veterans, some people fix cars and support their communities. In this case, the two met head-to-head. Is there something you can do in your community?