Five Common Auto Repair Myths

Five Common Auto Repair Myths :

  1. Premium gasoline is always best
    Most car owners believe that choosing premium gas every once in a while can help their car run better and more efficiently. However, in reality, premium gas isn’t cleaner or more capable than regular gas—only less combustible.
  2. Sugar in the gas tank destroys a car’s engine
    While your car’s tank isn’t designed to run on sweets, the belief that a little sugar will caramelize and clog a car’s fuel line hasn’t been scientifically proven. In order to cause any permanent or substantial harm, sugar would have to be added repeatedly to a car’s gas tank.
  3. Always let your car warm up before you drive it
    Many people believe that by letting their car’s engine run for 10-15 minutes on the driveway—especially in cold weather—the gas and oil will flow better. However, modern car models use fuel injectors, which evenly distribute the correct amount of gas for the engine based upon its temperature. Whereas starting your car a few minutes early won’t affect your engine’s performance, it can warm up the interior of your car for a more comfortable ride during chilly, winter months.
  4. Fuel additives are good for your engine
    Fuel additives are believed to prevent deposits from building up and clogging your fuel system. The reality is, however, that gasoline manufacturers are required by law to add certain detergents to gasoline that prevent deposits and buildup. The work has already been done for you—additional additives are ineffective.
  5. Idling is better for your battery
    This myth couldn’t be farther from the truth. Idling is a less efficient use of energy and gas than turning your car off and on again. When you’re running one errand after the other or caught in stop-and-go traffic, stop and start your car to conserve the most gas—and ultimately, save money at the pump.