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Does your vehicle ever drift to the left or right without your direction? Is the steering wheel unbalanced even when you travel in a straight line? If this sounds familiar, your vehicle might have an alignment problems. While it’s an annoying issue, but it can apply real strain to your tires and suspension system.

Chances are you pay close attention to your tires because they’re such an investment. A simple analysis of your alignment can help spot problems before they become severe. Christian Brothers Automotive is a single-stop service station for your alignment troubles. Our highly trained technicians have the latest computerized alignment tools. Our trained professionals use advanced alignment correction technology to return balance up to one-tenth of a degree.

How We Align Your Vehicle

We examine your car for indicators of alignment trouble every time you visit your local Christian Brothers Automotive as a portion of our Courtesy Inspection. Alignment problems aren’t always loud and can do serious damage to your vehicle if left untreated. You could take thousands of drivable miles if your vehicle’s alignment is imbalanced. Tires are made to be worn evenly. When more erosion occurs in a single area, it can harm the tire and require early replacement or a blowout.

Our Christian Brothers Automotive experts undergo extensive alignment education. To start the alignment process, your car is put upon an alignment lift and linked to computerized sensors to judge if an adjustment is necessary. Christian Brothers Automotive will restore your alignment back to the manufacturer’s original settings. Once adjusted, we retest the alignment to guarantee precision up to a tenth of a degree. If you are concerned that you may not have time to get an alignment check, we offer a complimentary local shuttle ride to take you to work, school or home.

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Realignment is a crucial service for your car or truck. Misalignment affects your tires and other components of your vehicle. We recommend asking for an alignment adjustment each time you replace your tires. If you aren’t sure when the last time your vehicle had realignment, call Christian Brothers Automotive today.

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