Why You Should Switch Your Winter Tires

What Are Winter Tires?

We all know that driving in the snow presents unique challenges that can make drivers scared, add time to any commute, and present very real dangers. Using snow tires can make these problems easier to manager. Snow tires have unique tread patterns and softer rubber, which leads to improved grip and traction in snowy conditions.

Why You Should Replace Winter Tires in Summer

While snow tires are great for driving in the snow, they are less than ideal for driving in warmer weather. Ensuring that your tires are properly suited to weather conditions might actually save you more money than driving on winter tires all year.

Winter tires will actually wear down more quickly if used in warmer weather. This means you will be purchasing new tires sooner if you don't switch out your snow tires.

When Should You Remove Winter Tires?

Switch from your winter tires to all-season tires as soon as temperatures are set to stay above freezing for good. Simply bring your car and additional tires into Christian Brothers Automotive and we will provide this service for you. Call us today if you have any additional questions not answered in this blog.