How To Keep Your Vehicle Safe in Jackson, TN

How To Keep Your Vehicle Safe in Jackson, TN

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

It’s still in everyone’s best interest to make sure they’re driving a safe vehicle and protecting the beautiful nature around us. The auto repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive Jackson are going to share some of their knowledge to help you make sure your vehicle is safe for you, your passengers and other motorists on the road.

Keep up with regular maintenance

Simple maintenance like oil and air filter changes ensure your car is running properly. You have just need to make sure this regular maintenance is done when it needs to be. Fixing your car as soon as problems arise will also help your car run longer and cut down on big, costly repairs.

For guidance on when your car needs regular maintenance, your owner’s manual is a good source of information.

Make sure safety features work properly

Driving a car that has bad brakes or even a taillight out is dangerous for everyone on the road. The technicians at our Jackson auto repair shop have a checklist of safety items you should be aware of:

  •      Horn works properly
  •      Brake lights, taillights, headlights and turn signals all work
  •      License plate is secure
  •      Tires still have tread and enough air
  •      Side view and rearview mirrors are secure and properly adjusted

There are other mechanical parts of the vehicle that should be checked regularly by your mechanic.

  •      All fluids are at their proper levels
  •      The air filter is clean
  •      The brakes are working effectively
  •      Battery, spark plugs and belts are functioning properly

Vehicle repairs and maintenance in Jackson, TN

At Christian Brothers Automotive in Jackson, TN we always want to make sure your car is in great condition and is as safe as possible for you and your family. You can always bring your car by our auto repair center in Jackson and we’ll treat you to a courtesy inspection!

This thorough inspection will show us what’s working right and what isn’t. The 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty on our services give you peace of mind that your car receives the very best service in Tennessee! Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Jackson, Tennessee today to schedule your appointment, and see the nice difference.

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