A Jackson Driver’s Cheat Sheet to the Cooling System

At our Jackson auto repair shop, we strive to educate customers about the different systems’ operations so they can make informed decisions.

Making the right choices with automotive care will keep their cars running smoothly, with fewer problems over time.

With the information below, we hope you will learn about this essential system so you can take care of it properly.

Coolant is antifreeze.

Coolant and antifreeze are interchangeable words for the same thing. Coolant (aka antifreeze) is a chemical mixture usually made up of water and ethylene glycol. This mixture is pumped through the engine to cool it down and keep it from freezing in cold weather. Coolant is the main tool your cooling system utilizes to maintain the radiator and keep the engine from overheating.

Check your cooling system whenever you go in for maintenance.

It’s very easy for a mechanic to check your coolant levels and quality before you get back on the road. If your coolant is low or in bad condition you run the risk of your engine overheating. As coolant degrades, parts in the engine and radiator aren’t lubricated thoroughly. This can cause components to rust. Grease and corrosion will also build up and create blockage.

If your coolant levels are low, you most likely have a leak. This can have major consequences on your entire cooling system. Not only that, but coolant is very harmful. If it leaks, coolant from your vehicle could be poisoning groundwater that people and animals eventually drink.

Replace the coolant fluid once a year.

Car manufacturers consider antifreeze replacement a regular maintenance service. At Christian Brothers Automotive Jackson, we suggest an annual system flush. This ensures all of the old coolant is removed so the fresh coolant can be added. Our ASE-certified technicians use quality flushing chemicals so the job is done right the first time.

We also make sure that you get the correct coolant for your car. There many different types of antifreeze mixtures and it’s important to use the one required by the manufacturer.

Keep this cheat sheet bookmarked for the next time you need your coolant checked! Call your Christian Brothers Automotive in Jackson, Tennessee for extensive and professional cooling system maintenance. See the nice difference!